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Bored… and thirsty

Feeling:  thirsty

Gah. I can't believe it's midnight here. Fcuk, I'm so bored… AND thirsty. Just wanted to update. Sigh…

So anyway, we'll be having our orientation on June 6, from 1-4 PM. Classes will start on June 13. *Thinking what's my section* Heehee. I'm planning to eat at Sinangag Express (aka SEx) with my friend before going to school. Whee. I'm so excited to come back to school. So effin' bored here.

I wanna update this. Maybe… June 6. Promise. 🙂

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Going out

This past week, my extrovert side came out. We went through Ruins and SEX (Sinangag Express), and still we bike around the village. By the way, I was with my cousins at that time.

I'm loving sex bracelets, the rubber bracelets um… whatchacallthat?! Whatever. Basta sex bracelets. My cousins have one of these, yet I think when I wear this, para naman akong rocker. LOL.

Oh, I almost forgot, I'm getting addicted to Triplejack Poker. Thanks to my cousins. Yesterday, we're making a room for ourselves. But some people are not reading the title of our room, "CABASAs ONLY". One of my cousins was like, "Oi [username], alis ka dyan. It's for us only." Like that. Have to admit, I'm not that good in Poker.

That's just an update, so I'll take a bath and wait for my friend `cause we'll be watching X-MEN 3.


Just an update, X-MEN 3 is a good movie. Basta panoorin niyo yun.

And by the way, Hicks won Idol. Woohoo. Kudos to him!

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MOVED… Into a new home

Yep, I moved into a new home. Into WP. Actually, I used this when I was hosted by 2 hostesses. It was complicated at first, but I got the hang of it. And so I'm back (I'm not singing that song). Good thing I imported my blog entries here.

So anyway, I'm currently into emulators. You know, where you can play games of a particular console right into your computer. I know it's kinda "nerdy", but it's addictive, though. You should have one of these. I currently have emulators for Gameboy Advance and SNES.

Oh, I didn't end up at Southside because I realized that the SENIOR life getting hectic. Oh joy. Lovin' the summer.

The Da Vinci Code is approved by the MTRCB, but I have a feeling that it will never be shown here in the Philippines, since we're a Catholic country. But why ban the movie? The movie is just a fictional novel. Please.

OK, let's go to American Idol. Elliott Yamin got booted out, so Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks were left. I'm hoping for Taylor Hicks to win the competition, Katharine's good also. I like both of them. Heehee.

I think that's it. Better pack my stuff for tomorrow. We'll be going to Bulacan for an outing. Toodle-loo!

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Desperate all over

If I were a word today… maybe I'll be desperate. Just sharing… anyhoo, I want to be out of this house! Grrr… and I want to have a day without Internet (for me, XD). It's like an addiction!

I texted one of the people at Southside and he told me that I can enroll at May 15 (because I asked him). That's the time that we're gonna be having a driver. My friends are not yet sure if they're going with me. Hope they come! ~

A month from now, school's about to start, and still, I'm B-O-R-E-D. But hey, I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 2 at my PS2. I just bought KH2 last night, although it was released two months ago. Yup, long ain't it? Hee.

Oh, I've edited my blog a little bit. Added more info on my profile, added a layout section and an other info section, for your viewing pleasure. I'm kidding on the "for your viewing pleasure" part.

Ok, I'm getting dehydrated over here. I need drinking water!!! ~

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Pagudpud trip

Here's what I did during my (I mean, OUR) trip to Pagudpud.

April 28-29
We went to Petron in NLEX (North Luzon Expressway) to meet with my relatives. At 3 AM, we stopped over at some store to drink some coffee. Then another LONG ride, until I woke up… We're in Ilocos Norte already. We stopped again at Callaguip, where my Tito has a house there. We stayed there for a while, and then we moved on to Pagudpud. While going to Pagudpud, we saw the windmills (not like the windmills in the Netherlands). Coolness. We arrived there at approximately 12:00. We viewed the beach. It's like Boracay, white sand, but the sand's not that fine. What I mean is, it's not powder-y (?). Whatever. This is the first time that I appreciated the beach after 10 years (lol). Before, it was swimming pools and stuff. Hee. 🙂

After our swim in the beach, we went to our room and took a long nap. When I woke up, I didn't realized that it was 7:00 already! That was a long nap. Maybe because we're so tired on our trip there. We didn't had the chance to see the sunset. (Grrr…) Oh, well. We had our scrumptious dinner, which is fish, lobster and stuff. There was a "concert" nearby and we went there. When we got there, all I heard was some famous songs with an Ilocano touch.

When they sang Crazy For You, it said:
"I'm crasy por you Tats me once and you'll know it's true I never wanted anyone like this It's all bra dew, you'll peel it in my kiss I'm crasy por you, crasy por you" Then we were mocking them, but forgive me for being an alaskador.

And then we slept.

April 30-May 1
We woke up 7:30 in the morning. Took breakfast, and Jake, one of my Tito's children, was playing with the monkey there. The monkey was, like, playing Jake's head and even taking the lice out of his head! So funny. Hee 🙂 Then we swam again. After we swam we went our rooms to take a bath. We went back to Callaguip to stay there for a while. After that, we went to Vigan to see the old houses. We went to a carinderia to eat a heavy dinner. Then I told my cousin's cousin, Ate Honey, "Hingi tayo 500, bili tayo ng McDo". Haha, my mom actually gave us 500 to buy food at McDonald's. And then, we went back to Manila. We had our last stop at Petron to have some food. Then we parted ways when we got into Valle Verde. We got home at 3:00 AM. I had a nice sleep afterwards.


So, back to normal. Oh, I almost forgot, I'm not gonna have dance classes at Stomp. I'll have dance classes at Southside, which was opened yesterday, and it's cheaper there. 🙂

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Ok, I'll be going to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte at 7 PM. I'll be back here on May 1. Then I'll update, mmkay? 🙂

OK, time to update.

So… I've been going to my cousin's house lots of times. Then play with Angelo. Actually, we're not playing with him, we're scaring him. There's a video on my phone wherein there was a car then a monster will pop out, or something. Angelo was so scared, her mom was, like, "Alimango lang yan". There's a commercial wherein the clothes are dancing, then Angelo said, "Haha, wala ulo", then I was like, "Hala…". That was fun. Whatever.

Then Rasta was like, "Oi, punta tayo Zagu. Dala ka pera ha". We went to Zagu, a couple of times already and I've been ordering my favorite.. Watermelon Crystals. Yum. I hate pearls. Heehee.

My bike had a flat tire. Still, hindi ko pa siya pinapabomba. Bummer.

I hope that my dance classes at Stomp would push through, 'cause I just found out na hindi natuloy yung music classes ni Ayen. It means, buti nga sa kanya. Haha, I'm so evil. Good luck na lang sa akin. If not, "ang GANDA ng summer ko". Grabe.

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